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Changing Hearts, Saving Lives… read on!

Would you spend some time with the little babies in your own neighbourhood before they die?  Maybe you’ll even be able directly to save some lives, maybe not.  What is important – YOU are there!

We carry on a most important spiritual battle, as we stand praying on the opposite side of the road facing the abortion centre.  We use our own Helpers’ Prayer Book, a manual of pro-life prayers and hymns, which contains the Rosary and many other beautiful prayers.

helpersuk.orgWe pray in a spirit of reparation, for our own sins and the sin of abortion, particularly the deaths that will occur at that spot on that day.  These little ones dying today are alone like Our Saviour when he was crucified.  Just as Mary and John lovingly stood and prayed beneath Jesus’ Cross as he died, we wish to stay with these children in the hour that they are crucified.

We may not be able to save their lives but cannot we plead on their behalf?  And should they die, as usually happens (God forgive us!) let us lift up our hearts to God Almighty on their behalf, it will be the only human love they will know on this earth…

We pray to obtain God’s mercy for the abortionist and her staff.  Our peaceful presence outside is a reproach to the dreadful business they perform inside.

Our prayerful witness outside the abortion site tells all who work there that we refuse to recognise or accept abortion as a just solution to the problems of a woman faced with an unwanted pregnancy.

Photos of one of our vigils

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