Help in a crisis pregnancy

Good Counsel Network GCN.

The Good Counsel Network

The Good Counsel Network

What is The Good Counsel Network?
A life-affirming women’s organisation which offers a free pregnancy test, free advice, medical information, practical help and moral support to women seeking abortion. We reach out to women seeking abortion who have not been informed about the risks to their physical and psychological health and who have not been presented with realistic alternatives to abortion. We deal with the hardest cases of crisis pregnancy every day.

T: 0207 723 1740
Contact: Good Counsel Network

Pregnancy Help



Are you late and worried that you might be pregnant?
Is your period late or have you had sex and think you might be pregnant?  We are here for you every step of the way.

Are you pregnant and facing homelessness? We can help.
If you are pregnant or have young children and are facing homelessness we can help. We provide a full support service to pregnant women in over 30 UK locations.

Had an abortion?
If you have had an abortion you may find you want to talk to someone who can help you work through your feelings.  If you’re experiencing mixed emotions sometimes talking to someone can really help, whether your abortion was last week or many years ago.

National Helpline: 0808 802 5433
Contact: Pregnancy help

Sisters of the Gospel of Life

The Cardinal Winning Pro-Life

The Cardinal Winning Pro-Life

Pregnant? We Can Help You.
The Sisters of the Gospel of Life run The Cardinal Winning Prolife Initiative which is a charity dedicated to helping women keep their babies and support them with practical help for as long as they need.

Sisters Roseann and Andrea
T: 0141 433 2680
Contact: Sisters of the Gospel of Life
Contact: The Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative

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