Our Spiritualty

“Could you not watch one hour with me?”  (Mt. 26:40)

Would you like to spend some time with the little babies in your own neighbourhood before they are aborted? Maybe you’ll even be able to save a life. What’s even more important, you’ll be there. In a sense, it may be a way to remain in solidarity with Jesus who was abandoned by His disciples when he needed them the most, to be with Him at His death. Very often, we also refuse to be with Jesus because we fear of the Cross.

The babies who are aborted share a similar fate as Jesus and, therefore, there is an intimate connection between their death and His death by which they are redeemed. Hence all the political action, education, donation of funds, demonstrations and alternative work are important and very necessary. However, these are not equivalent to being present at the abortion centre. Therefore, you are welcome to come and join us in prayer at the abortion centre near you. Bring your rosary and go to Calvary-(the abortion centre) where Christ is being crucified.

You may be able to save some lives by praying for women who are in a crisis pregnancy.

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